Non European Products

Black & Decker is a manufacturer of quality power tools and accessories, hardware, home improvement products, and technology based fastening systems. Our products and services are marketed globally in more than 100 countries across 9 brands, and we have manufacturing operations in 11 countries.

Each product is subject to different legislative requirements depending upon where it is placed onto the market. In Europe, the European parliament defines legislation in the form of directives which power tools, attachments and accessories must comply with before products can be marked CE compliant and placed on the European market.

Further to this, certain products are legally required by European legislation to have a CE type approval Certificate issued by a qualified test organisation (Notified body) before they are offered for sale. Unless the product has been specifically structured for the European market the certification will not be available and the product may not comply. Of particular concern is to ensure that all Black & Decker products are compliant with the relevant safety standards.

All products placed on the European market by Black & Decker are CE compliant. Black & Decker Europe is legally responsible for ensuring that any products it places on the European market meet all legislative requirements required to bear the CE mark.

It is not unknown for products sold in other markets, such as the US or Far East, to be imported into European countries by a user or third party. While the basic product may appear similar to those available in Europe, the design of that product, and/or some of its components may not be CE compliant.

In addition, Black & Decker provides structured support for a user by way of warranties (which includes repairs and servicing). These warranties are country or region (eg US/EU) specific.

In the event that a European user acquires a product from outside Europe, and requires support for that product in Europe, the user should contact the original point of purchase of the product. If the product was bought over the Internet, either the seller or importer is the person who becomes legally responsible, including having to comply with safety and other regulations.

If this proves unsatisfactory the user should contact the Black & Decker Service Department in their country, who may be able to offer alternative limited support in certain circumstances.

Users should be warned that if they contact Black & Decker directly in the country from which the tool originated, Black & Decker cannot provide support outside their country/regions for the same reasons outlined above.